A cybersecurity competition for high schoolers.

Coming March 2019


Interested in sponsoring? Email us at angstromctf@protonmail.com.


What is a CTF?

A CTF, or capture-the-flag, is an online cybersecurity competition where players work in teams to solve as many challenges as possible. Challenges are services or files that you must investigate and exploit in order to get a piece of text called the “flag,” which is submitted for points.

Who are you?

ångstromCTF is run by a team of students from Montgomery Blair High School. We are now in our 4th year, and we are one of the largest high school-oriented CTFs, with over 1,500 competing teams in 2018.

What if I've never done anything like this before?

Then ångstromCTF is a great place to start! Our challenges are meant to guide students and help them develop their skills, even if they start off as a complete beginner. We do recommend having some experience in a scripting language, such as Python.

I'm not a high schooler. Can I still compete?

Yup! You'll simply need to mark yourself as ineligible for prizes when signing up. Ineligible players will still be able to view challenges, submit flags, and see how they rank compared to other teams.